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Beard Shampoo

I have had a beard for over 6 years now, and I have gone through all the stages of irritation, dandruff, and acne. I sure everyone has had these issues with their beards.  I was always looking for something that could clean my skin, keep it healthy, and at the same time clean my beard and not dry it out.

After trying many beard shampoos out there, I found these negative properties in them:


Some beard shampoos dry your hair because they have citrus in them which has been proven to dry hair because of their abrasive cleaning qualities. Stay away from anything that smells like lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, and also anything that has citrus essential oils in it. These properties will clean but it will strip your beard of all the natural and healthy oils it needs to stay moisturized and conditioned. It also makes your hair dry with a high percentage of breakage. With these products you are forced to buy a conditioner to condition your beard and repair it. I found this to be very expensive and time consuming.

No Lather

A lot of beard washes in the market have so much conditioning qualities that the manufacturer seemed to have forgotten that a beard shampoo should lather in order to clean your beard. When I received these products and tried them I would get extremely frustrated, because these products had a high price range and they were useless in cleaning my beard and face. Too much conditioning also leaves your face oily and could clog pores, which in turn makes your skin susceptible to break outs, in grown hair, and irritation. They tasted good, but they where useless and harmful to my skin.


Almost all of these beard shampoos have Paraben in them.

Paraben are potentially bad for a number of reasons. They affect people in different ways. Many products that come into contact with skin contain Paraben, which often cause irritation of the skin. This is particularly true for adults, children or babies with sensitive skin. Common skin problems associated with Paraben include dermatitis, rosacea and other allergic reactions. Read more about Paraben here.

I am trying to keep my skin healthy so I avoid Paraben at all times.


I like to wear cologne and I don’t want to smell like four different scents. Perfumes and scents are usually irritants on skin. I also have a friend that brews beer for a living and always had a problem washing his beard with something that had a scent, because it would confuse his pallet when he was smelling the barley and so on. Most of the beard shampoos in the market are scented.


After years of frustration and irritation on my journey to make my beard and face healthy, I decided to contact a chemist who would help me in formulating an all natural product which is Paraben free and fragrance free, and will clean my face and beard while leaving my beard moisturized. After a year and a half of testing different formulas on real men, and not animals, we found the perfect formula that would resolve all the issues I had with beard shampoos as mentioned above.

It’s called Abraham’s Beard Shampoo. This product contains Jojoba oil, which regulates the natural oils in your skin, keeps your hair slightly conditioned, and helps with prevention of razor burn. It also contains a low level of salicylic acid, which helps in fighting acne, dandruff, ingrown hairs, and irritation.

This is an all in one formula, which can be used on your face, beard, and hair. It feels slightly mentholated, which makes your skin and beard feel fresh and soft after every use.

Recently, we did studies on men who shave, and we concluded that if you wash your face with Abraham’s Beard Shampoo before shaving, it will reduce razor burn significantly.

You can buy Abraham’s Beard Shampoo at . It comes in a 2oz or 8oz bottle.

Oh yea it also tastes like mint if you accidentally get it in your mouth.

To sum it up, beard shampoo is Abraham’s Beard Shampoo.  Don’t waist all the time and money I did to keep my beard and face healthy.  Abraham’s Beard Shampoo is the best in the market.

Abraham’s Beard Shampoo


* Cleans Face, Beard, & Hair.

* Fights Acne, Dandruff, and Irritation.

* All Natural ingredients.

* Free of Paraben and Fragrance Free.

* Tested on real men not Animals.

* Made in USA.

3 in 1 Beard, Face, and all over shampoo. 8oz
3 in 1 Beard, Face, and all over shampoo. 8oz